Naughty Dog Continuing Nathan Drake’s Journeys Into The Next-Gen With Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog have always been a highly visible developer for Sony, releasing fantastic exclusives for each new generation. From Crash Bandicoot to The Last Of Us, every game they create pushes the hardware to its limits, and with the PS4 now here there is a new glass ceiling to break. Announced last night at the Spike TV PS4 All Access event, Uncharted 4 made its debut in a short teaser trailer.

Little is known at this point, with the trailer giving away nothing than the possible importance of Madagascar. It seems though that someone is out for Nathan Drake’s blood, a reckoning that Naughty Dog has slowly hinted at since the second game. His care free attitude and smarmy quips may entertain us, but what of those left in his wake? That is a question that will require some patience as the game is probably a very long way away.

Fans reckon it may include a new protagonist, with the front-runner candidate being Sir Francis Drake. The claims come from hints dropped by the narrator to his identity, sadly forgetting that the famed explorer was English and not American, which didn’t even exist during Drake’s time.

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