CD Projekt Red CEO Condemns Publishers Who Use DRM

Polish developers CD Projekt Red are known for their stance on DRM, but in a recent interview with Giantbomb, CEO Marcin Iwinski attacked those who use the controversial practice.

CD Projekt Red have stated time and time again that they hate the use of digital rights management, but this may be the first time the company has spoken out against those who use it regularly with such passion. Iwinski said:

“It seems to me that the industry as a whole knows DRM doesn’t work, but corporations still use it as a smokescreen, effectively covering their asses, pretending to protect their intellectual property in front of bosses, investors, and shareholders…I’ve actually had quite a few discussions with high level executives who admit they know DRM doesn’t work, but if they don’t use it somebody might accuse them of not protecting their property. Whenever policy trumps common sense, the best interest of gamers is lost in the process,”

Strong words, clearly made by someone with even stronger opinions to back them up. Iwinski is obviously someone who cares a lot for the industry, but his comments may make some enemies. EA and Ubisoft are well known for using very restrictive means in the past to make sure their bottom line isn’t damaged by pirates. Even Steam uses a very simple form of DRM for all games usable through their service.

What do you think? Should developers and publishers be more trusting in gamers, or do you think they are in the right? Let us know in the comments.