FTL: Advanced Edition Calls All Hands On Deck

Rogue-like indie gem FTL is getting a free expansion, titled FTL: Advanced Edition. Announced through the official site, new content comes in the form of weapons, sectors, events and the introduction of hacking.

Mind-control systems make an introduction alongside hacking as the largest additions. Both will let you tear a ship up from the inside, enabling you to make the pilot punch the weapons man or turning off the oxygen. Other updates include new weapons, events, ship abilities and more are promised. 

On top of this Subset Games are adding a slew of fixes and minor tweaks the community has clamored for since release, such as saving crew positions and shops being better stocked.

While it isn’t set to come out until early 2014, an iPad version of the game is coming along with the update.

What do you think? Do you wish more developers went back to update their games like this? Let us know in the comments.