EVE Online: Rubicon Stream This Thursday 14/11/13

Ahead of its November 19th release, EVE Online: Rubicon’s developers CCP games will be holding a special live stream on Twitch.tv previewing the expansion.

The stream is to take place on Thursday November 14th, and CCP says it will cover everything coming in the expansion, which is the game’s 20th. CCP will also be unveiling the official cinematic trailer which CCP tease will “spotlight the same glorious spaceship destruction that EVE has been famous for throughout its rich history”.

As well as new content, the stream will also go over CCP’s vision for the game in the long term, as well as a recap of recent events in the community. CCP’s Community Team will be giving away three copies of Eve: the Second Decade Collector’s Edition.

If you’re a fan of EVE online, be sure to check out the official CCP Twitch page – www.twitch.tv/ccp – on Thursday, 14th November at 19:00 UTC to watch the stream.

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