League of Legends – End of Season 3 Tonight

 At the strike of midnight tonight gamers will find that Season 3 of League of Legends  will have officially concluded, ending a year of fierce e-sports entertainment and general excitement for fans worldwide. 

Thus from November 12th ranked queues will temporarily be disabled whilst Riot Games dish out the rewards for gamers who have earned a certain position within the games League system. Riot have confirmed that all rewards will be in the hands of participants by the end of next week. 

After ranked queues are placed back online we will be confronted with the new patches and alterations which pre-season always brings for League of Legends. Shortly after balancing and confirming that the game is ready for the launch of Season 4 we will be back to grindstone of racing up divisions and making amazing team based plays.

Have you earned the Season 3 awards such as Victorious Elise? Check out the link for more info here. 
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