Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs Coming To PS3 Next Week

Sony’s Wonderbook may not have been given much attention since the release of Book of Spells and Diggs Nightcrawler, but the BBC are now giving it a shot.

Walking With Dinosaurs will be based more on the upcoming movie, rather than the 1999 documentary series. The BBC and Supermassive Games have teamed-up to develop a game to teach kids all about the world of dinosaurs while they play a series of fun games.

It is unknown whether David Attenborough will be narrating the game as he did the documentary series, but one can hope.

Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs will be out November 12 in North America and 13 in Europe.

What do you think? Do you wish Sony did more with the Wonderbook or that they didn’t waste their time with it? Let us know in the comments.