Ken Sugimori Art Director For Pokemon Wants Series To Go Back To Basics

 Pokemon has become known for a title with a vast variety of different creatures and monsters however the art director on the series, Ken Sugimori, wishes for a return to the basic fundamentals of the series. In an interview translated by Siliconera, Sugimori discussed how he wished to create a new pokemon experience that is similar to, “what was offered in Pokémon Red and Green (Blue outside of Japan),”. 

Whilst Sugimori concured that the next installment of the series would most likely not cut back on what has become a swirling number of 700+ monsters, “it might be in the series’ best interests to make a large adjustment to the number of attacks, abilities, and items”. Considering the mass popularity the Pokemon series continues to enjoy it would indeed be surprising to see substantial changes in their next inevitable title. Sugimori remains adamant though that, “it remains a possibility.”

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