GameStick Launch Delayed to November 15th

PlayJam’s Kickstarted Android microconsole has suffered another delay. This comes as the latest in a long series of delays – the first launch date for the machine was to be September 30th.

The GameStick is an Android-based microconsole much like the Ouya. The GameStick’s unique selling point is its size – no bigger than a USB memory stick, and it plugs directly into a TV’s HDMI port. You can visit a download store via Wi-Fi and start buying Android games to play on your TV.

Speaking to Polygon, PlayJam’s Anthony Johnson confirmed the delay, saying that the technical issues reported by backers who received GameSticks early as a Kickstarter reward – including freezing and intermittent Wi-Fi performance – are not to blame for the delay:

“The date was pushed back to the 15th for no other reason than production and logistics delays….GameStop’s shipment landed in Texas this morning awaiting customs clearance so it is well on its way.”

Johnson did speak out on the technical issues reported by those who got the console early, reassuring consumers that everything will be going smoothly at launch.

“We had a few teething issues highlighted during our Kickstarter activations — the majority of which have been ironed out.”

The GameStick’s new launch date sees it released on the same day in the US as Sony’s PlayStation 4. It remains to be seen if the GameStick can fins its place in the market. What do you think? Are you interested in picking one up?  Let us know in the comments below.