Mad Max May Be Coming Out April 2014

Linkedin Info

Christofer Sundburg, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Avalanche Studios, has possibly leaked the release date of the Mad Max game adaption. According to his LinkedIn profile page earlier today, the Australian post-apocalyptic game is meant scheduled to be release April 2014.

It was originally titled “Open Unannounced Open-World Action Game”, easily identifiable as Mad Max by the description “Avalanches first licensed game”, with the release info underneath. Since then Sundburg has changed his profile, deleting the info and changing the header to “Mad Max”.

Thanks to AllGamesBeta for the image.

This isn’t the first time that Sundburg has “accidentally” released information, with the first time having, so far, accurate information.

The title described beneath it could also be describing Just Cause 3, another previously eluded to project by Sundburg. Until it is confirmed however, this is only conjecture.

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