Loud and Proud – 73% of Mobile Gamers Play with Sound On

 Statistics are continuing to amaze and this time it comes from Appington. Specializing in apps such as Amplify which allow developers to add sounds to their games with greater ease Appington have invested their time into figuring out who plays mobile titles with the sound on. 

According to the data the company have access to, 73% of the people out there on a day to day basis play games with their volume at 10% or higher. Also, only 3% of players worldwide are playing with headphones plugged in. The split internationally is also unique with 78% of people in the US, 58% in the UK and 90% in China/Korea play their latest mobile titles with the volume cranked up. 

Is this a shift towards a positive and open audio gaming world, say, on your bus journey to work? Let us know what you think in the comments below.