SimCity: Cities Of Tomorrow Trailer Lets You Play With The Future

The latest SimCity game was rather controversial back in March, but that isn’t stopping either Maxis or EA from releasing the first expansion. Cities of Tomorrow puts players 50 years from now in an urban utopia or Syndicate style corporate haven.

The expansion allows players to create new buildings that have to be researched before they can be put into effect. Players will have the choice of being green of wrecking the environment for more money.

This dichotomy is very reminiscent of 2011’s Anno 2070. Not only does it share the same nature friendly vs resource-hungry society choice, but the buildings also look very similar. Apparently the future of all video games lies in glass towers and pristine white constructions.

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow is out November 12, and can be pre-ordered here.

What do you think? Which way do you sway? Will you be friendly to mother-earth or are you prepared to ruin it for a mega-city? Let us know in the comments.