How To Survive & Heatwave DLC Now On PSN

PlayStation 3 gamers can now get involved with the latest zombie apocalypse survival game How to Survive with today’s release on the PlayStation Network. The third person zombie game is there to test players’ abilities to stay alive in a world full of the undead.

Stay alive day and night by the most basic of means. Find food, water, a warm place to sleep and combine items such as scrap metal, tubes, bolts, tires, harpoons and bottles to make improvised weapons to tackle the undead and try and stay alive another day.

The new Heatwave DLC is also available and are as follows.

  • Heatwave DLC single character – Purchase a new, fireproof suit for Abby, Kenji or Jack for and learn how to craft incendiary bullets — $.99 / £0.59
  • Heatwave DLC three characters – Purchase fireproof suits for everyone and learn how to craft incendiary bullets — $1.99 / £1.59

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