GTA V Online Update 1.05 Expected This Week

 By 2KGames press release has announced that we will, at some point this week see the hotly anticipated 1.05 update for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. The update is expected to address and fix many of the game-break problems facing the current GTA community. This includes the loss of game progress and various currency exploitation glitches. 

It is hoped that soon after this patch has gone live, the ‘Stimulus Pack’ will not be far behind. Taken from the 2K Games press release: 

“We currently expect that the next update of the game (1.05), to solve the problems of loss of progress, is available at any time earlier this week. Following this, we expect to deliver the stimulus pack $ GTA everyone before the end of week. Many thanks to all GTA Online players around the world for your continued patience and understanding, we will all way staying informed.”

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