Company of Heroes 2 Turning Point Update Goes Live Next Week

Company of Heroes 2 will be getting a fairly large free update at some point next week. Publisher Sega has outlined the free content update, titled Turning Point, in a press release today. It will be adding two new maps and world-building tool so the community can create their own icy battlegrounds.

Going live November 12, Turning Point will add the industrial themed “Rails and Metal” and urban based “Lazur Factory” maps. The additional inclusion of the world-building tool will allow players to create and share their own maps among the community. Two new commanders are also being added to each faction. The press release also promised future Steam Workshop integration, but no time-frame for it was given.

Hopefully this update will be the “turning point” for the title, with the current metacritic user-score at 1.8. This is due to Relic removing and changing major features from the immensely popular first Company of Heroes game, even though the sequel was well received by critics.

What do you think? Will you be re-installing to make your own maps, or maybe it is too little too late? Let us know in the comments.