Amazon’s Holiday Disney Infinite Collection Now Taking Pre-Orders

 Amazon are now taking pre-orders for their exclusive content for the game Disney Infinite. The Package comes with pretty much what you would expect, but it also includes a couple of rare things, such as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Figure. 

This is a Holiday Bundle Only meaning that if you wanting to grab these new figures you will need to purchase them through the Amazon site. Thirteen characters are in the pack and three Playlets are also being added which will expand the dynamic world Disney Infinite lets you jump into. So Mickey, Woody, Jack Skellington, Mater, Syndrome, Randy, Davy Jones, Mike, Mrs. Incredible, Barbossa, Dash, Violet and Francesco are the new character editions and the Playlets, Toy Story, Frozen Toy Box and Cars will majorly change up the mix. 

For more information on the product check out the details on the Amazon site. Would be wanting to pick up the new Disney Infinite characters? Let us know what you think in the comments below.