Arkane And Battlecry Studios Using CryEngine On Current Projects

In a tweet by Zenimax HR Manager Ashley Pierce, both Arkane and Battlecry Studios are allegedly using the CryEngine on their current projects.


Arkane Studios are the better known of the two, primarily for Dishonored. The studio may be using the CryEngine to continue the beleaguered development of Prey 2. They may also just as likely be making Dishonored 2.

While it is unknown what version of the CryEngine Piece is alluding to, it is safe to assume it is the CryeEngine 4. This is because this version of the engine supports development for the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One, giving the teams the ability to create the games for next-gen. With both games now having been announced yet, they will most likely not come out until we are safely nestled in the bosom on the next console generation.

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