Hackers Steal 30,000 Blackwell Deception Steam Keys

Over 30,000 Steam Keys for The Balckwell Deception from Wadjet Eye Games’ were skimmed by a group of downloader’s as they took advantage of the studios giveaway, reports Red Door Blue Key.

As a celebration of Halloween yesterday, Wadjet Eye Games gave away Blackwell Deception. The group of downloader’s used the key generator and took the majority of the 50,000 keys that were available.

Dave Gilbert became suspicious after 20,000 keys were quickly downloaded and immediately ended the offer, but the key generator on BMT (their sales and distribution provider) was still active, allowing the 30,000 to keys to be stolen.

Gilbert told Gamasutra: “Yeah, it’s the equivalent of a candy store giving away some free candy on Halloween, and the customers go in the back room, and steal their stock,”

There is no way to determine who took the keys as the IP address was masked.

Gilbert says that he will disable all of the 30,000 keys that were obtained, an unfortunate move as there is no way to tell which keys were legitimate and those that were planned to be re-soled.

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