It’s Raining Blood In Total War: Rome II DLC

Gore isn’t something most of us thankfully don’t encounter often in real life, but this is video games so it’s fine. Creative Assembly have released the Blood & Gore DLC pack that will paint the battlefield red.

The DLC costs the small amount of £1.99/$2.99 and places new animations and sounds in the game to make it more realistic, and by realistic I mean horrendously gruesome. Dismemberment and decapitation will end with showers of blood, bathing the ground in sickly viscera. Sounds fun right? If you think so you can find the DLC here.

This is the second time Creative Assembly have added a post-release piece of DLC that adds extra gore, and much like the Shogun II version to use it you will need to meet the correct specs. If you are playing Total War: Rome II on low settings you are out of luck, with rigs capable of medium and above getting the full plethora of “features”. If you buy the DLC and don’t meet the required specs, all you will see is the blood with none of the extras like rolling heads and arms.

What do you think? Does DLC like this add a nice touch of realism or add needless violence? Let us know in the comments.