Wii U Outsold by Nintendo Wii

 It has been already a year since Nintendo put a halt to the production of Wii Games, but the system and it’s games continue to make big bucks. Indeed, Wii Hardware and software is still outselling the Wii U consoles and games during the first half of Nintendo’s fiscal year. 

In Nintendo’s first-half earnings report the company noted that it had sold 470,000 Wii systems worldwide since April, compares to the 460,000 Wii U systems. Software sales suffered even more, with 14.90 million wii games sold compares to the 6.3 million of the Wii U. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter concludes that the Wii U struggles are a sign that Nintendo’s management sale projections are not as optimistic are we are lead to believe. Which the second half of the fiscal year does have more potential for the Wii U it would still need to double it’s current sales in order to succeed. 

Pachter says, “We think that Nintendo has a very low probability of meeting its Wii U forecasts, as it expects the installed base to more than triple by year-end, with very bullish software guidance layered on top. We think the Wii U is the wrong product for consumers, and although we believe that Nintendo faithful will buy the console if it is the only way they can play beloved Nintendo software titles, we think that there are fewer of these faithful than management is counting on to hit its full-year guidance.”

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