EA’s Console Sale Stats Released, Wii and Wii U Sales Only 1%

A financial document has revealed the sales breakdown of consoles for major publisher EA. The breakdown shows PC being dominant among EA’s sales figures with 39.4% of the companies sales being on the platform. In contrast to this Nintendo’s home consoles the Wii and Wii U make up a drastically smaller percentage of total sales coming in at just 1.3%. This minor figure equates to $9 million of the $695 million of revenue that the corporation’s financial reports claims to have been earned across consoles, software, mobile and PC. For those wondering what other platforms sales make up of the corporations sales, check out the list below.

  • PC – 39.4%
  • Xbox 360 – 24%
  • PlayStation 3 – 18.8%
  • Mobile – 10.8%
  • ‘Other’ – 3.6%
  • Wii – 1.3%
  • PlayStation handhelds – 1.0%
  • Nintendo handhelds – 0.7%
  • PlayStation 2 – 0.3%

Further revelations discovered from the document include the following:

  • Handhelds (Nintendo and Sony combined) account for 14 per cent of all EA mobile sales.
  • Nintendo handhelds account for 6 per cent of mobile sales, while Sony handhelds account for 8 per cent.
  • Despite its emphasis on mobile gaming, EA’s home console game sales still account for $309 million compared to $75 million mobile sales (though production costs are typically much lower on mobile titles, meaning the potential for profit is higher).
  • PC software earns EA more money than any other format, accounting for 39.4% of all software sales

What are your thoughts on EA’s sales breakdown? Disappointed by the lack of sales on Nintendo platforms? Let us know your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below.