Star Citizen: $1 Million Crowdfunded In One Week

Star Citizen is now the most successful crowd-funded project ever, it seems. The game raised a million dollars in 7 days, due its popularity, current playability, and promise of delivering something unlike we’ve seen before. This meets a stretch goal which unlocks an enhanced alpha of the game which will include 50,000 more players.

This is a far cry from the game’s Kickstarter days, where the developers asked for $500,000 and got $2 million.

The next stretch goal is $27 million, and there’s no sign that it won’t be reached by Star Citizen’s community. This stretch goal would add a new race to the game, the Banu Merchantmen. 

Star Citizen is expected to launch in 2014, and is created by Chris Roberts, who created the beloved titles Wing Commander and Freelancer. What do you think? Have you donated to the game? Will you be wanting to play the game in the future? Let us know in the comments.