Notch Calls IGN Parent Company “Scam Artists” For Selling GOTY Logos

Ziff Davis Inc, the parent company behind 1UP, IGN and PC Magazine, have been called out by Minecraft creator Notch (AKA Markus Persson). The company have been emailing developers offering them the chance to purchase the rights to use their multiple award logos.

The company is offering these logos for the not so cheap price of $500 each, or in a special offer to Notch $6000 instead of using the 13 logos for the awards he won.

Notch posted the email on Imgur and posted on Twitter: 

“Wow, we won like a million awards from these amazing scam artists”

Obviously the touted marketing power of the images they are so ‘generously’ offering isn’t worth it to the multi-award winning game designer.

What do you think? Is this a horrid cash grab or are Ziff Davis Inc well within their right to sell their logos? Let us know in the comments.