Infinite Crisis Beta Cup Announced

Warner Bros. and Turbine have announced that they are bringing the MOBA game Infinite Crisis into the eSports fold with the Closed Beta Cup.

The 5v5 DC multiverse-set game features different versions of number of DC characters, including Gaslight Batman, Batman and Catwoman. From Sunday 10th November, the Closed Beta Series will run weekly, where the top 8 teams will receive points, and €200 will be rewarded to the winner. At the end of each month a final will take place and determine which team walks away with €500.

It’s a small start in terms of prize money, but it’s a start nonetheless. The game is set to be fully released as a free-to-play download in 2014 on PC, but you can sign up for the beta now. What do you think? Will you be paying Infinite Crisis more attention? Let us know in the comments below.