Fan Creates Warcraft RTS Using Starcraft 2 Editor

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StevenLuo posted on TeamLiquid their own creation of Warcraft, Warcraft IV saying that it was because “many products are in [development] by Blizzard” so “The powerful SC2 Editor came out,” and this is what has been created:

StevenLuo lists that the game features:

  • 2 factions: Alliance and Horde, 14 buildings, 16 units and 18 heroes and over 50 creeps.
  • 3 melee maps right now: Lost Temple which made in Bloodelf Style, Crossroads that copied from WOW and Ashenvale that full of Nightelf style. New melee maps could be added smoothly on the framework.
  • Complete AI system for skirmish act as players.
  • Many WOW features, regions, units and abilities are implemented in the RTS game. You can see Undead Rogue or Bloodelf Paladin which is in early WOW times, and also can find Pandaren Monk, Leishen, Malkorok that in recent WOW version.

The game has been named WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde or ‘WAH’ for short. StevenLuo started modding WOW ten years ago when it went to beta. Eight years of coding and design experience has created WAH.

If you wish to play the game you can access it on the Starcraft II Arcade in America, Europe or Korea, just search WAH. The game is 245MB but each map is only 5MB.

Will you be testing out WAH? Let us know in the comments.