Fable Legends: Holds a Whole New Level of Detail says Lionhead

 Fable Legends is looking to be very impressive title, with the Unreal Engine being a main driving factor behind the alterations. 

“The architecture and toolset provided by UE4 allows us to dive straight into making this without waiting for tech to come up to scratch,” executive producer Geoff Smith commented in a blog. “We’ve been able to get assets into the game in double-quick time, plus we’re getting visual feedback in a matter of seconds. All this, combined with the flexibility of the materials and shaders, leads to a better looking game.”

David Eckelberry, Game Director on Fable Legends has also noted, “Albion is lush, full of life and color, and its characters are rendered to a level of detail we’ve never been able to accomplish before. Those stunning characters represent a real new opportunity for us that we’re quite eager to explore.” 

It seems that indeed these features will comes to the fore within Fable Legends. Check out the latest, official trailer for Fable Legends  below. 

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