League Of Legends Season 4 Gameplay Changes

Riot has released some details of League of Legends gameplay changes that should be applied by the start of Season 4, according to the League of Legends Reddit forum.

The post discusses how the sight-granting Wards will be overhauled along with the addition of free trinket abilities.

“In terms of our overarching goal: we want to add more gameplay with vision and how vision control works for everyone in this new season,” Xelnath wrote.

He continued “We think the best way to do that is by diversifying responsibility. Looking at Season 3, standard competitive support play involved buying minimal items in order to spend the majority of a player’s income on wards and vision control. More gold = more wards. If a team’s support was unable to fulfill that role, or fell behind their opponent, the entire team suffered.”

The changes will continue to be posted on the Reddit forum, and will start being applied at the end of Season 3 on Nov 11th.

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