First GTAV Add-On Content Announced Along With Content Creator

Rockstar have announced the first add-on content for GTAV as well as a content creator.

The Beach Bum Pack will be coming out early November and includes new vehicles and weapons for a nice day on the beach. These will be usable in story mode and online, with new jobs coming to the multiplayer as well all fitting around the beach theme.

The Content Creator has been given the more vague release window of this Fall. This is the planned “first-part” of the creator allowing custom deathmatches and races. The following parts are assumed to add more features to tweak. Popular and well made content will be “Rockstar Certified” and be featured on the Rockstar Newswire. 

This all coincides with beginning of Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event weekends, which will give players bonuses and incentives to join the action. These will begin in November.

The Beach Bum Pack and the Content Creator will be free of charge to all players.

What do you think? Worried that future add-on content will nickle and dime players or are you looking forward to modded missions? Let us know in the comments.