Bravely Default’s Deluxe Collector’s Edition Revealed

A little while ago, it was announced that the upcoming 3DS game Bravely Default would be getting a Deluxe Collector’s Edition for Europe. Now, we can reveal what exactly will be in this special edition:

  • Bravely Default 3DS game

  • Agnès Figurine

  • Deluxe Artbook

  • 34 AR Cards

  • Original Soundtrack CD

If you live in Europe and are a fan of JRPG’s then make sure you give this edition of Bravely Default a look, but if you feel it is a bit to much, GAME are offering a more basic version with just a smaller version of the artbook as long as you pre-order the game before the 6th of December.

What do you think of this special edition? Is it something you would buy? Or is it a bit much?