GTAV PC Petition Reaches Over 600,000 Pledges

The petition put together by gamers on asking for a PC version of Rockstar’s console opus gains steam as it reaches a new total of 611,791 supporters.

Rockstar released Grand theft Auto V on PS3 and Xbox 360 in September, and has since broke many records in terms of sales, and earned itself near-universal critical acclaim. The game generated over $1 billion in its first three days on sale, making it one of the most successful games of the generation. 

Fans of GTA who prefer playing on PC have wanted in on the action ever since then, and so created a petition to send the message to Rockstar about GTAV.

Interestingly, news broke earlier that a PC version of GTA V has a retail listing. Rockstar have released PC versions of all the GTA games in the past, but those were often months after their console counterparts, and in the case of GTA IV was met with criticism about performance.

Nevertheless, fans continue to grow eager for a PC version of GTA V, and the petition shows no signs of slowing, looking like it will eventually reach its goal of 1 million supporters.

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