[UPDATED] Luigi and Zelda Limited Edition 3DS’s Could be on the Way for America


Thanks to BlackFriday.GottaDeal, a scan of GameStops newest flyers has appeared online detailing that America is going to be getting two special edition 3DS’s, a Luigi’s Mansion 2 themed 3DS and a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds themed 3DSXL. The 3DS will cost $169.99 and the 3DSXL will be $219.99 which seems like a good price.

However, Nintendo has not yet confirmed and American launch for these 3DS’s so don’t get your hopes up too high yet…


The release dates have been confirmed. The Luigi’s Mansion 2 themed 3DS is coming on Novemeber 1st and the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds themed 3DSXL is coming on November 22nd. Better start saving those pennies!

Here is the flyer in full:

What do you think of these 3DS’s? Do you like them? Or should a different game have been chosen to get a themed console?