Games With Gold Scheme Here To Stay

Games With Gold is a scheme announced at E3 this year that brings 2 free games a month to Xbox 360 owners for maintaining a Xbox Live Gold account. The Games With Gold scheme has had multiple criticisms in the last few months with some users complaining over the lack of current title but overall the praise seems to be good as Microsoft have announced that the scheme is here to stay. Whilst the scheme is being extended indefinitely Microsoft wouldn’t say if the scheme would extend to Xbox One with a spokesperson telling Engadget“We’re excited to announce we are extending Games with Gold for Xbox 360. We will share more details on the program soon. Stay tuned for our plans on Xbox One,”.

The current Games With Gold title is Halo 3 which will be free until the end of October and follows on from Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Nothing has been announced concerning November’s titles but we’ll be sure to update you all when something is announced.

What are your thoughts on the Games with Gold scheme? Have you been enjoying the free titles being presented to you or do you have some criticisms you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.