PS4 To Cost Over £1,100 in Brazil

Sony today confirmed the PS4’s price point in Brazil will be 3,999 Reais, which equates to over $1,800/£1,100. Unsurprisingly this has sparked a lot of outrage amongst Brazilian gamers. This price point also puts the Xbox One at a much greater position in the region with Microsoft’s console costing 2,199 Reais ($1,015/£628), a significant difference of approximately $800/£500 between the consoles. PS4 games themselves are expected to cost around 179 Reais, which equates to $82/£51. 

“Because the PlayStation 4 console is imported into Brazil, the price is based on importation taxes imposed by the local government,” a Sony representative explained to Polygon.

What is your thoughts on the massive price difference between Xbox One and PS4 in Brazil? How about your thoughts on the importation taxes driving up the prices of the consoles in the region? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.