Watch Dogs Delay Causes Ubisoft Share Prices To Slump

Company stock in Ubisoft has taken a substantial hit after the publisher announced it was delaying one of the year’s most anticipated games, Watch Dogs.

At the end of today’s trading, Ubisoft’s shares have gone down to $8.19, which is a staggering 26% reduction. Watch Dogs was to be the jewel in the crown of Ubisoft’s next-gen launch, as the new IP had generated a lot of interest and was already being offered alongside the PS4 as part of bundle.  An open world game set in a near-future Chicago, Watch Dogs is now being released in the first half of 2014, which reduces the potential next-gen launch line-up for both consoles by one big game.

Ubisoft’s open world racer The Crew had also been delayed, which further increased Ubisoft market woes. As a result of the combination of factors, including sales of Rayman and Splinter Cell not reaching expectations, Ubisoft also reduced its full year sales forecast by 30%. 

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