UK Newspaper Mistakes Deus Ex Augment For Real Life


The British public have a shaky relationship with its paper journalism. They know it is tragically sensationalist and incredibly sensationalist, but papers like the Daily Mail and The Sun still seem to make enough money to have a continued existence.

Today The Sun made another comical mistake, in the form of mistaking a corporation for Deus Ex for a real life entity:

Obviously the image was also taken from the game. It seems either the writer was very specific in how they ignored information, or they somehow stumbled upon the information without ever seeing a hint it may even be from something fictional. You may be wondering how papers such as The Sun may stay in business, but the answer is easy. Every issue of The Sun has a topless lady on page 3, every day of every year without fail.

What do you think? Do you believe it was an honest mistake or lazy journalism? Let us know in the comments.