Payday 2 Loot Bag DLC Now Available To All Players

505 games has today released the Loot Bag DLC for Payday 2, which was previously only available as a pre-order for the game during the run-up to its launch.

The DLC is a bundle of sorts, which includes a sight that can be used on rifles and shotguns, 3 otherwise-unattainable masks, and some in-game cash to get players moving.

Also announced today is the arrival of a playable demo for the game on Xbox Live. The demo will feature the heist of the Branch Bank, and will allow players to level up their character to Level 10. The demo is quite generous, as you can try out all four of the new character classes – the Mastermind, the Technician, the Enforcer and the Ghost.

A date for a PS3 demo is still to be announced.

The Loot Bag DLC for Payday 2 is available now on PSN, XBL and Steam for £3.39. Will you be giving it a whirl? Did you already get it as part of a pre-order? Let us know what you think in the comments below.