How and Where to Find Mega Stone’s in Pokémon X and Y

Are you loving the Mega Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y? Do you want to be using more? Then prepare yourself because we are going to be letting you know how to get more Mega Stones and then how to find them!

To unlock more Mega Stones in your game you must:

  • Defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion.
  • Afterwrads, head to Kiloude town after Professor Sycamore gives you the the Train Ticket to get there via the Station in Lumiose City.
  • While in this town, try the Battle Maison at least once.
  • After this, head to the north-most part of the town and you will see your rival, defeat them in a Pokémon battle.
  • Then head to Anistar City to meet Professor Sycamore by the Anistar Sundial where he will upgrade your Mega Ring so you cna finally locate more Mega Stones
  • BARE IN MIND; You can only start looking for Mega Stones between the real life times of 8pm and 9pm after interacting with the Sundial.

Now you are ready to look for the stones, but no worries because we have a list of there locations right here (these are just the stones that are found in the world, not all of them are found this way):

  • Tyranitarite (in X) and Aggronite (in Y)
    When you enter Cyllage Gym, go to the right and climb the first wall, then climb the next wall on the right and it will be on the ground around the corner.
  • Alakanite
    Find this Mega Stone on B3F of the Reflecting Cave (use the mirrored walls to find the hidden entrance)
  • Banettite
    Find it in the Chamber of Emptiness at night.
  • Garchompite
    Find this one near a small tower near the end of Victory Road. The tower is behind a wall that has to be destroyed with the move Rock Smash.
  • Gyaradosite
    In the southeastern section of Couriway Town, there are three small waterfalls. This stone is in the middle one.
  • Pinsirite (in X) and Heracronite (in Y)
    Found in some tall grass in Santalune Forest, near the Route 2 exit/entrance.
  • Manecite (in X) and Houndoomite (in Y)
    In Route 16, there is a spot where two skaters are going around a rock formation. The stone is on the ground on the southern side.
  • Kangaskhanite
    Go inside Glittering Cave and take the first right. The stone will be found at the dead end.
  • Mawilite
    Enter Shabboneau Castle, then go to the left and use the stairs to get to the second floor. The stone is on the ground just north of the western staircase.
  • Medichanite
    Found in Lavarre City, by a well.
  • Scizorite
    Found behind the Abomasnow in Frost Cavern.

And that’s all the ones we have found in the world so far.

Let us know if this guide helped you and also if we missed any in the world!