Contrast Trailer Uses Its Soundtrack As Pre-Order Draw


Nior is a genre rarely explored in video games but it has a few notable exceptions. The evocative use of smoke and shadows, in stylish bars full of sexy women with secretive pasts can be a hard thing to do. Switching between a corporeal form and that of a shadow, players will have to solve puzzles and navigate around a moodily lit world, reminiscent of a 1940’s Paris. Focus Interactive’s Contrast seems to be hitting all the right notes, especially with the excellent use of jazz singer Laura Ellis.

Focus are relying on the pull of its soundtrack as an advertising point to pre-order the game. As well as that you will also get a making of book, called a Programme to fit the nior theme. Available in mid November on PSN, XBLA and Windows, this downloadable title already seems to ooze a unique style that will hopefully follow through into the gameplay. You can pre-order it now on steam with a 25% discount.

What do you think? Does this world of shadow and mystery intrigue you? Let us know in the comments.