Civilization V Map Packs Coming Soon

After almost three after being released Civilization V still has content being released for it. Even after the excellent Brave New World, Firaxis is still finding ways to draw us back in. The first of two planned map packs has already been released, titled “Scrambled Continents”.

Both map packs take the real world areas but randomly disperse terrain and resources within them. The “Scrambled Continents” features North and South America, Africa, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, The Middle East and Antartica.

The second pack, titled “Scrambled Nations” includes Canada, Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, The UK and China. This pack will be out November 5 and will cost $5, much like the first.

This is a surprising price as modders, especially those on the Steam Workshop, will easily be able to provide the same service for free if someone created it. Then again the same thing happened on the games launch with the extra civilizations and wonders packs.

What do you think? Is $5 a worthwhile price for 6 maps apiece? Let us know in the comments.