Slender: The Arrival Arrives On Steam This Halloween

When Slender: The Eight Pages was released a free download in 2012, it has become a viral hit, spawning countless “reaction videos” and was popular on, due to the random appearances of the always-creepy Slender Man. The game featured only one level, but the potential for a full game was there.

Blue Isle Studios’ full-game sequel, Slender: The Arrival was released in March of this year. While there is no specific release date, Parsec Productions have stated that the game will be on Steam this Halloween.

Slender: the Arrival is a first-person horror game in which players must explore unsettling and dark locations, while running from the enigmatic Slender man, a ghostly figure clad in a dark suit and with a bald, faceless head. Slender Man comes from a meme on the Something Awful forums, during a thread in which members created fake paranormal images. The upcoming Steam version boasts more content, altough there is no word yet on what the entails exactly.

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