Pokemon TCG Adding Mega Evolutions

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will be adding Mega Evolutions along with the previously revealed Fairy type as revealed on Pokemon.com. Both of these are new additions to the Pokemon Video Game series in Pokemon X and Y. Mega Evolutions, the Fairy type and six all new Pokemon-EX cards are all the latest editions to the next booster for the Pokemon Trading Card Game simply called XY. To start with only two Mega Pokemon will be joining the Trading Card Game and whilst these haven’t been officially announced yet, with Mega Blastoise and Mega Venusaur both appearing on the XY pack art it may be seen as a safe assumption that those are the 2 selected Mega Pokemon. Mega Pokemon in the card game are powerful, with stronger attack and HP than Pokemon-EX’s, but at the cost of losing your attack the turn you Mega Evolve. The XY starter will include over 140 total cards and is due for release on February 25th 2014, with each pack having a code to unlock cards on the games free-to-play PC counterpart.

What is your thoughts on the addition of Mega Evolution to the Pokemon TCG? Excited for their addition or are you apprehensive over how the game will balance with their inclusion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.