How to Fix the Freezing Glitch in Pokémon X and Y

As you may or may not know, a really bad glitch has been found in Pokémon X and Y. This can screw up your game, rendering it unplayable which sucks because it really is an amazing game. However, thanks to some daring fans, a quick fix has been found:

(Please not this is NOT and official fix and we at VGU and the fans who have discovered it cannot be held accountable if it does not work for you!)

  • First, turn off your 3DS
  • Then take out your SD card out of the console.
  • Turn on the 3DS and just start up your affected Pokémon game normally.
  • Everything SHOULD be fine from this point. Immanently leave the current area and save elsewhere (Pokémon centres are a good choice for this).
  • After saving turn off your 3DS and reinsert the SD card.

And there you go, your game should be back to normal. Just don’t save near any cabs again OK?

(Just for reassurance, I tested this fix on my personal copy of the game and it worked for me)

Was this fix helpful? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below!