PETA Creates Pokémon Parody

PETA (people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have used the setting and mechanics of the recently-released Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to satirize the fast food industry.

The animal-rights activist organization have created the 100% unofficial Pokémon: Red, White & Blue – An Unofficial PETA Parody, in which players must guide a bloodied and bandaged Pikachu-like creature through turn-based battles and build a team of Pokémon to take on the evil Ronald McDonald. Along the way, players can unlock videos which highlight the dark conspiracy theories behind much of the meat industry.

Interestingly, PETA have not attacked Pokémon X/Y or its developers. It stands to reason that a game about capturing animals and then using them to battle others would incite animosity from PETA, but they have rather wisely decided not to pursue an anti-Pokémon crusade, and instead chose to reference the game’s mechanics in order to deliver a message on Veganism. This is in contrast to their incredibly vocal opposition of Mario’s Tanooki suit, when Super Mario 3D Land was released in 2011, which did no favors for their public image.

The organisation seems like it’s aiming to inform more than it’s aiming to protest, which is a more inviting proposition to would-be Vegans, as well as a less immature demeanor than in 2011.

You can play the game on the MCV website, where they have embedded a Flash player.

What do you think? Is PETA Bringing up a good point or is this just scare tactics? Let us know the comments below.