Dead Rising 3 Not Releasing In Germany

Thanks to Games Welt, we now know that Dead Rising 3 is not releasing in Germany alongside the launch of the Xbox One.

The BPJM – or the Bundeprüfstelle für Jugendgefährende Medien – is Germany’s entertainment software regulator, and it refused to give the game a rating, which means that it cannot be released. The game is effectively banned in the region, meaning that many German Xbox One owners have one less game for their launch library. 

The BPJM has so far not given a particular reason for the non-rating, but often in Germany games are heavily modified or censored to be able to release in Germany.

Speaking to Destructoid, Microsoft confirmed that it won’t be releasing Dead Rising 3 in Germany.

“While Microsoft is disappointed with this decision, we respect the views of the review panel and have withdrawn Dead Rising 3 from Germany’s Xbox One launch line-up.”

It’s probably not fair to place the blame on Microsoft, but German gamers who pre-order an Xbox One may find themselves left a little out in the cold. What do you think? Should the game be modified or left unreleased? Let us know in the comments below.