League Of Legends: Jinx Now Available

Riot Games has added Jinx, a new ranged “carry” type champion to the League of Legends roster.

Billed as the arch-nemesis of Vi, she is a mischievous Harley-Quinn type character who specializes in high range, high risk, and high damage.

Riot has also released a full breakdown of her abilities , as well as a Champion Spotlight video, which you can see below:

It looks like League of Legends fans will have plenty to consider with Jinx, especially with her “Ultimate” being a skill-shot with global range that does damage based on missing health. Jinx is available now for 975 Riot Points, which is the currency you can buy in League of Legends. The game is available to download from http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/.

What do you think? will you be downloading Jinx straight away or will you wait until she’s on rotation? Let us know in the comments below.