First Agarest: Generations Of War DLC Detailed

Ghostlight have today announced the details on the first of 5 planned DLC packs. The first wave will become available on Thursday 10th October.

The official breakdown is as follows:

Jack Pack ($0.99)

1x Mugen’s Craw, 1x Sarnga, 1x Soul Sucker, 1x Sanctuary, 1x Extra Heal, 1x Resurrection, 1x HP Up+ and 1x Resist Ailments+ 

Magic-Fighter Pack ($0.99)

1x Vajra Rod, 1x Magic Hand, 1x Madu, 1x Ymir’s Claw, and 1x Hidden Seeker 

Tonight’s-Dinner Pack ($1.99)

1x Carrot Sword, 1x Chicken Emblem, 1x Chicken Ring, 1x Hiyoko Charm and 1x Float

F-Fishy?! Pack 1 ($0.99)

1x Marble Beast Claw, 1x Blood Fang, 1x Scarlet Claw, 1x Large Marble Claw, 1x Large Blood Fang and 1x Scarlet Fang 

Additional-Points Pack 2 ($1.99)

100000G, 5000EP, 250PP and 500TP 

Steam Trading cards are also making their way to the game. The Community Manager, Ross Brierly said,

since before the release of Agarest, many of you have been asking for Agarest Steam Trading Cards.  I’m pleased to be able to report that after discussions with Steam we’ll be able to add Trading Cards to Agarest! Our artist is already hard at work creating Trading Cards, badges, emoticons and wallpapers and we’re expecting to be able to add them later this year.”

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