Microsoft Insists That Yesterdays Reports Were Misinterpretted

Following yesterdays report that Microsoft may sell Kinect data to advertisers, the company has distanced itself from the claims be telling AllThingsD that the reports were misinterpretted and that Xbox Marketing boss Yusuf Mehdi was actually referring to Xbox SmartGlass. 

“Just as Xbox SmartGlass allows companion mobile experiences that are synchronous to what is being watched on TV, advertisers could create new experiences unifying their content across devices,” Microsoft claims. “The quote from Yusuf in Ad Age is not in relation to Kinect. We have a long-standing commitment to your privacy and will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so.”

Does Microsoft’s reclarification of yesterdays statement help put your mind at ease? Or does this statement just confuse issues even more for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.