A Pikachu Focused Game is Coming Soon; Mega Pikachu Possible

According to a synopsis on NHK, The Pokémon company president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, will be appearing on Japanese TV to reveal a Pikachu focused video game that will “Change Pikachu”. Ishihara-sama apparently has some concerns about how this new game will effect the Electric Mouse Pokémon’s popularity and rightly so. A bad game with the flagship Pokémon at the front could be bad news for the Pokémon franchise.

We will know more after the show has aired but this has not stopped speculation around how the beloved Pokemon is going to be changed. The most popular theory? A MEGA evolution.

Oh boy…

What do you think you think this change will be? Could it be a Mega Pikachu? What could the Pikachu focused game be about?