Nintendo Crack Down on Pokémon X and Y Leakers

As you may of heard recently, Pokémon X and Y started being leaked by consumers who had bought the game in Canada. Nintendo set out reps to “sort” the situation and nothing has been heard about it since…

Until now!

“Heyo guys, it’s the guy who knows Kosthedin in real life, and the guy who knows the store owner who leaked a bunch of copies of x/y personally.”

“A few people I know have gone down and returned their copies and were talking to the guys at the store about what happened. Some local idiot (Kosthedin) got the game and proceeded to dump pictures and video of absolutely everything on Instagram. Nintendo got pissed, demanded that the store get back all of their copies “however they can,” have sent reps up to collect the returned games. One of their demands involved the store get photos of the leaker returning his copy of the game (which they did), and Nintendo may be fining them as much as $2000+ for every copy of the game that they don’t get back (last count I heard was, of the 42 copies that were sold, there are still around 16 copies that haven’t been returned. At two grand a hit, that’s a hell of a fine.) There’s a huge pile of legal shit on the go right now, and nobody really knows what’s gonna happen with the business or its staff.”

Oh boy. A $32,000 fine is a big deal (if this is true that is) and is sure to deter other leaker’s in the future.

What do you think of this news? Is the fine justified? Or is it a bit to over the top?