Phantasy Star Online 2 Increasing Level Cap, Adding Super Hard Mode on October 9th

Although fans of Phantasy Star Online 2 may have been wishing for news in relation to a US or European release, SEGA have released information on a coming update to the MMO. First up is the addition of the Super Hard mode. As the name suggests this mode will allow players to encounter more powerful enemies and will  be made available for quests from Forest through to Floating Continent.

The level cap for players is also increasing up to level 65. With subclasses gaining EXP up to level 45 and level 16 photon arts and technics being added to the game. Each class will also receive two new class skills. These new skills include the Hunter’s “Never Give Up” skill which gives the Hunter temporary invincibility alongside increased striking power during Iron Will.

New enemies, such as the previously announced Tagamikazuchi, and new quests, including a bomb defusing quest simply titles “Defuse the Time Bomb”, will be included in the new update with some new costumes rounding off the major additions.

On top of all these larger changes the following smaller changes are included in the new update due October 9th:

  • Added Premium Drinks
  • A new setting in options will allow you to automatically pick up Meseta just as you approach it.
  • Some set bonus effects will be increased.
  • 11 star units will have increased defensive stats.
  • Relaxed the skill points needed to acquire Photon Flare, Photon Flare After Burst, Photon Flare Advance, Ice Mastery 2!
  • Summon characters from the Partner Terminal in Extreme Quests.
  • Issue Partner Battle Strategies: “Fight” or “Do Nothing.” Battle strategies allow you to command whether or not a partner and their mag will attack enemies.
  • Disks typically obtained through rare enemies/bosses will now have a low chance at dropping through their non-rare counterparts. The highest level they will drop in this particular situation is Level 10. Furthermore, disks from rare enemies/bosses will drop at a higher rate.
  • Support Partners can now reach level 65!
  • Skies of Arcadia Music Discs will be added to the FUN Scratch.
  • Players have lamented over the recent changes made to PSE Bursts. This adjustment seemed to counteract the effects of a bug known as “Exit Bursting” but it appears this correction has affected regular PSE Bursts as well. Though they will continue to prevent the bug from occurring, they have decided to shorten enemy respawn times under PSE Bursts. They will continue to watch the situation and make even more adjustments if necessary.

What are your thoughts on the new update for Phantasy Star Online 2? Hoping to hear word on a Eastern release in the near future? Let us know what you think in the comments below.