Watch Dogs Can Be Completed Almost Entirely Through Stealth Alone

Today senior director for Watch Dogs Dominic Guay confirmed that a majority of missions within the game can be completed without using direct combat. In an interview with Polygon Dominic reinforced this statement;

“About 95 percent of missions you can completely stealth through, or flee or chase without have to shoot. So it’s really place choice-driven. There are very few, very limited amount of missions that will for you to kill people.”

A recent demo of the game for example displayed how the knowledge and experience the player have with NPC’s can provide alternative routes and plans to simply running and gunning through several missions. Characters may provide Aiden, the main character within the title with information over well guarded areas and locations thus promoting stealthy entries and escapes. 

It was also confirmed that these stealth elements can be used in Watch Dogs multiplayer mode, which has not entirely been revealed as of yet.
Watch Dogs is set for launch, November 19th. 

Are you excited for this NPC interaction in Ubisoft’s epic title? 

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